who we are

Who we are and what we will accomplish here depends upon all of us…. and most especially upon those who will join us here.

Steve Abbott was born in Belfast to Canadian parents, raised in India for twelve of his first fifteen years, and returned to Canada for his high school and university years. He took bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering with an intent to specialise somewhat in solar and other appropriate technologies, but has spent most of the subsequent years working in international development and disaster relief, in public health, water and sanitation engineering.

Chris Abbott is our Webmaster. He is currently taking time off from first year university, and looking for inspiration in social and technological development.

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And thanks to the following:

We are grateful for the inspiration and support that we have received from family, friends, teachers, caretakers, and of course those who have contributed materials and ideas, both directly and indirectly to our efforts.

Groups and Institutions:

The Salt Spring Island Volunteer Fire Department, for donating one of their old fire hoses for use in our foot pumps.

Members and attenders at the Quaker meeting in Victoria, who collected money for the purchase of materials for our experimental solar cooker.

Members of the Transitions Community on Salt Spring Island, for allowing us to display our ideas, and providing on-going inspiration.

Oxfam GB, for providing Steve with support and employment from time to time during the years during which many of these ideas were forming and maturing.

Windsor Plywood on Salt Spring Island, for donating materials for shallow well pumps.

3M Company, who donated some of their solar mirror film to assist in our work on a solar cooker.

And Individuals, past and present, and in no particular order:

Jan Slakov, Ed Abbott, Vivien Abbott, Bill Abbott, Pete McComb, Andrea Marx, John Howard, Katie (Ama) Dingle, Rick Bauer, John Kerr, Paul Sherlock, Jim Howard, John Peters, Alan Etherington, Peter Stein, Georg Marx, Bela Bannerjee, Philip Bhurelal, Banwarilal Chaudhri, Bill Martin, George Laundry, Ewart Brundrett….

When it comes right down to it, listing all those who have inspired and helped us on our way, is a hopeless task, so let us instead dedicate this effort to teachers, secretaries, passing strangers, and people with almost forgotten smiles, all of whom are our inspiration.