what we’re about

For those readers who do not yet know us, this site is largely the work of one or two individuals, but hopefully we will form the core of an ad hoc and expanding group of professionals and inspired amateurs alike. We have worked overseas in international development and disaster relief, but are also atuned to the transitions movement, seeking ways to ease the stresses we place upon our environment and vice-versa. Some of those stresses we feel today and others will inevitably come from the changes that will be forced upon us if we do not choose for ourselves.

What we have to offer, are ideas and technologies that may not only ease the suffering of our present generation of humans and those who share this planet with us. They may also help to provide a more healthy, attractive, and sustainable lifestyle and environment for our children and many generations to come.

For those who believe that reliance on simple, cottage technologies and human ingenuity, would constitute a “return to living in the caves”, they may provide a reassuring answer. Our ingenuity is not that weak. Have a look, but while you are looking, please try to remember that these simple devices are as nothing compared to the some of humanity’s most elegant accomplishments of centuries ago. We declare these ideas to be our humble contribution to the “commons” of intellectual property, that we are proud to associate with.

We do not disparage technology of a greater complexity. Eventually we hope to add a section for discussion of innovations in that realm. What we would hope, is that their developers, too, would honour the elements of “common” knowledge, upon which their accomplishments are based, and in turn, contribute what they can to the aleviation of suffering in this world.