On politics at home and abroad:

A culture of secrecy is totally incompatible with the principles of democracy, which requires an informed electorate.

Propaganda is the antithesis of honesty. It covers a thousand false motives, a thousand crimes of aggression, of war, of theft, of uncaring and mean spirited abuse. Why should it cover these things? So that its recipients may commit the crime of ignorance, which, popular fiction would suggest, is less evil than the crimes it covers up.

A lie is never honourable. The reason the rules of parliament require that members be referred to as “honourable”, is that at one time it was recognised, what a catastrophe it would be if the servants of democracy resorted to lying, and cheating.  (And even bending the truth, ever so slightly.)

Why does this matter?  Because the truths that may be our hope for a sustainable world, are particularly vulnerable to being eroded away by competing self interests.  Our leaders must be able to rise above all that, to let the truth rule, not manufacture convenient “truths”, or they will play us against each other and against our own children, to the very bitter end.