PVC shallow well pump

This pump was reproduced by local folk, all over Gonaives.

This site is dedicated to the sharing of appropriate and intermediate technologies. We hope eventually to learn how to provide for your feedback with comments, suggested improvements, and perhaps some of your own technologies to be shared. Our objective is to deal with devices and methods that are environmentally sustainable, and which can be built and applied as cottage industries or by “street-side” craftspeople, whether in disaster-affected, economically or environmentally stressed communities, or not.

Gordon demonstrates the Handwash stand

Gordon demonstrates the Handwash stand

We hope that these technologies will be replicated by individuals and cottage industries in the developing world where they are most needed, but at the same time we recognise that they have applications in our over developed world as well. For instance many people have commented that the simple foot pump and hand pump versions illustrated here, would be applicable on their recreation boats, as fresh water pumps or bilge pumps respectively.

We welcome these uses, and encourage those who are able, to contribute their own improvements and comments. Any support you can give us will allow us to continue our work here on the web site, and overseas. Some exciting developments, might include an initiative to involve students at high school and university levels, in refining and documenting some of our projects, and encouraging them to develop their own ideas..

As a preliminary guiding principle, we are hoping to focus primarily on technologies for which at least a successful prototype has been demonstrated. Where we do not yet have a successful prototype, and yet feel that an idea has merit, either in its technical practicality, or in the urgent need to prove or disprove it, we have shunted it into their own section, coyly (but not disparagingly) entitled “Flakey Ideas.. the root of innovation. We hope to avoid filling this section with “perpetual motion machine” type ideas, but are not averse to testing whether innovation can make existing technologies behave more efficiently. In particular, it is an area for us to ask for help in technologies that we find beyond our theoretical specialties, and yet which we feel warrant a thoughtful answer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.